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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Working in the Moment

So I finished up my list of wreaths for family members last night. I had one left to make for my "Mother-in-law". Of course, having never made one for her before, I wanted this one to be spectacular and awe-inspiring, and cute and trendy. She is quite the trendy lady! Not to put any pressure on myself, huh?

So I decided to have Jason, my boyfriend, take some photos of me working. Don't I just look deep in concentration?

See that vase of roses in the background? Jason told me that to help inspire me, he would get me fresh flowers every week for my studio. Is that not the sweetest thing ever. And I must admit, they are beautiful and have certainly helped to get me in creative mode!

Here is the finished product for Jason's mom. This will be traveling to Texas here in the next few days and I think the vibrant colors will be great for the summertime and for the heat that Texas experiences! I sure hope that she likes it and hope to get some products like this one up on my Etsy page soon!


  1. That wreath is gorgeous! I love the polka dot ribbon wrapped around it...

  2. Beautiful wreath! You have a lovely work space to inspire your creativity...and beautiful flowers every week certainly do help!

  3. Fabulous wreath! Love the flowers and polka dot ribbon!


  4. pretty and so spring!

    Found you on Etsy's forums