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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pet Owners Independence Day

April 18 is Pet Owners Independence Day! Everyone that owns a furry friend knows what joy they can bring to your lives. I certainly get a lot of laughs from watching mine. Oddly enough, it is suggested that today, the pet owner gets some independence. How can you do that and who would care for your pet? Personally, I couldn't stand to be away from mine. I enjoy my days so much more with them by my side! So use today to love your animals and show them some extra affection. They can cheer up even the saddest of days and provide inspiration for great works of art!

Its a Dogs Life (Set of 5)-- KatisKards  @  etsy.com

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  1. We go to work every day without them? How much more independence can we stand? I'd rather spend all day with the furmonsters.