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Interior Designer by trade, project manager by day, crafty lady by night! My college education was spent in art school where I learned to love creativity and free expression. I live with my long time boyfriend and all of our animal kidlets who fill my days with smiles and inspire me to always try for greater.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Custom frames and wreaths

I discovered some time ago that I enjoyed painting custom frames for my own memories and giving them as gifts. I also began making custom wreaths for my front door and supplying them for my entire family as well! This sparked the fire in my little brain- it inspired me to see if I could create a demand for these items in the market and perhaps sell them as a side business of my very own.

Of course, all of this is new to me and I am working to improve my shop, create more items, and post things in a manner that is appealing. The photos are proving to be my downfall at the moment.

I work a full time job 5 days a week, am currently redoing a home that we moved into a year ago that is still deocrated from the 50s, and with 4 pets, things can get a little hectic. My time tends to disappear very quickly!

Anyway- here are some of my newest pieces for the St. Patty's Day and Easter holidays. More to come as soon as possible.

Puppy Love

So 5 months ago, I indulged in a dream I had always had. I bought a golden retriever. He is the best dog and he makes me laugh every single day! My boyfriend decided that he wanted a dog of his very own as well. We now have a pit bull- Rocco and Brinkley. They are inseparable as you can tell from the photo.

We also have 2 cats and fish. Quite the family right?!

Life as a Project Manager

I work in a government office at Fort Lee, VA. The boss turned 50 this week and I spent my morning on Tuesday blowing up 50 black balloons and decorating his office. He was quick to tell me that payback would be sweet when I turn 30 this winter. He loved every second of it!

Fresh Start!

I recently decided to start trying to sell my crafts online at etsy.com. In an effort to get my name and business out, I decided to start a blog to chat about my ideas, my thoughts, my life. I hope that I can intrigue others and bring them into my world and that I will learn some interesting tidbits along the way.