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Monday, April 12, 2010

Walk on Your Wild Side Day

April 12 is Walk on Your Wild Side Day!!! Get crazy- get wild- get funky. Step outside the box of your daily routine and do something out of the norm for yourself. This different perspective could certainly provide you with insight into an entirely new realm of creativity for your craft! Enjoy yourself and get up close and personal with the wild inner you!
Wild Side Ring-  jlpisrael  @  etsy.com


  1. The caramel color of this ring is so beautiful!

  2. That ring is awesome!

    Kind of reminds me of a giraffe and who doesn't love giraffes!


  3. I like that idea! Maybe I'll try a new project or something today :D

  4. I love the colors! What a great day to celebrate.

  5. Cool ring.
    I was hoping it was a doorknob! How cool would that be?

  6. Oh my gosh- a doorknob! I am an interior designer and I can't tell you how fabulous doorknobs like that could make a place!