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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Latest Work

So this weekend, I worked on several new wreaths for people I work with as well as family members who had ordered them from me. It was my first opportunity to work in my studio for an extended period of time and man, I can't wait for the paint to be done! It will be so much more bright and cheerful!! I have a list of items that I need to buy to make the space better. Better lighting, a better work chair, etc.
I got so much accomplished though- I made 3 different wreaths, I have one more to complete, and I made an arrangement to place on my grandfather's grave at the cemetary. Here are some photos of my most recent projects which are not for sale on my Etsy site as they are already spoken for:
This particular wreath was made for my grandmother. She lives in an assisted living facility and they seem to have some type of competition going on as to who has the prettiest and brightest wreath. I had to make her one for the season and it definitely brightens up her door!

This wreath was made for a woman that I work with who wanted an apple themed wreath to go in her kitchen. I sure hope that she will be happy with this one. It kind of reminds me of the wreaths you see in historic Williamsburg, VA around the holidays.

This frame is also for the woman that I work with. She wanted a large wreath with summer themed flowers. This is the largest wreath I have ever made- 31" in Diameter!! I used hibiscus blossoms, tulips, even a dragonfly and some ladybugs. The ribbon is yellow with white polka dots. I think it turned out great!

And of course, I had my little buddies with me to humor me and to keep me company. They got to sleep when I wanted to- but had to keep on keeping on and get the work done!!


  1. I like the wreath made for your grandmother! And it's really nice that you can sell your designs to friends!!

  2. Nice, but not at the same time. They know I will make them wreaths so they are constantly asking me to make them new ones so it takes away from the time I have to make new products for my Etsy shop. At least I am making some side money still though!