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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Everything is coming up sunshine!

So we live in an older house that is decorated from the 1950s. Interior Designer by trade, of course it has been eating at me to redo this ancient kitchen. There is wall paneling with rooster wallpaper! We have gone for more of a tuscan/wine/old world themed kitchen. We decided to add textured paint over the paneling, and to add dimension to the color. Yellow above the chair rail, brown below!

Of course, we completed the painting and wouldn't you know that our 37 year old refrigerator decided to conk out! Talk about an appliance that lived a good life! Today's appliances are much larger than the ones from many years ago. So in order for the new one to fit, we had to remove cabinets. Our kitchen is in a complete state of disarray. The new fridge will be delivered this afternoon! We can then begin to piece things back together.

Here are some photos of the new paint job and I will keep you updated on the cabinet redo!

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