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Sunday, May 16, 2010

World Hypertension Day

April 17 is World Hypertension Day. For those of you who suffer from High Blood Pressure due to those additional pounds or due to your family genes, today is the day to get yourself checked out and make a change to do something about it. For your health and for your future. I have high blood pressure on both sides of my family and have been fighting a battle with my weight for years now. I am on medication for the issue to save my life. It is terrible for your heart to contain the strain from high blood pressure. See your doctor today so that you can continue to be creative and live an amazing life!

Gold and Amethyst Heart Necklace by    TheEarringBoutique @  etsy.com

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  1. wonderful post. having a healthy blood pressure is very important to me. my dad has a not so great heart and is also on medication, i nag him quite a bit about keeping himself healthy.

    very pretty etsy find as well!