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Sunday, May 16, 2010


So- life has just been busy and crazy and all that jazz for the past several weeks. I am pleased to say that Jason and I are back in good health and that I am down 9 pounds thanks to Weight Watchers!! Weigh in day again today and hopefully I will make my 5% goal and add some more to that total!

In other goood news- I am pleased to finally announce that I have made my first sale in my Etsy shop! I was really starting to get frustrated and found myself not putting in that extra effort to post my newly created items. Now I want to get up and running again! I am ready to finish my studio- this is the week! And I am going to start back to my photos of new items. I need to get pumped again and hopefully sell some more items!

I spent the weekend cleaning up the house and planting new flowers for our screened in porch. We have a cookout coming up in a few weeks for Memorial Day.We have been busting butt to get so many projects done in time for the cookout. There is so much to be done!

I am just on cloud 9 because of my first sale! Wish me luck please and say some prayers that the streak will continue. We could really use the extra money right now with Jason being out of work. Hoping you all have a wonderful Monday!


  1. You go girl!!! great job with both loosing weight & your first sale on Etsy!! Weehooo!! ;D

    Smiles your way from me! Pennie:)

  2. Congratulations on your first sale! It's wonderfully addicting and I hope you're encourage to stick with it.